Forthcoming events


9 October
IRLA International Seminar – The Changing Face of Europe
Swiss Re, Gheistrasse 37, 88023 Ruschlikon, Zurich, Switzerland

15-18 October
AIRROC 2017 NJ Commutations & Networking Forum
The Heldrich Hotel & Conference Center, New Brunswick NJ, USA

7 November
UAE Run-Off Forum 2017
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, DIFC, Dubai, UAE

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"A wide ranging and well informed piece of work which covers virtually everything you need to know about the risks still to come from asbestos claims on the insurance market"
John Winter, Ruxley Ventures

Asbestos is not just a problem of the past, nor is there an identifiable point in the future by which we can stop worrying about its legacy.

This special report pulls together the historical background as to how this mineral came to be so widely used; the medical view of asbestos related diseases and their treatment; the current patterns of consumption that indicate where future claims may come from; and current practice for dealing with asbestos in the built environment.

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